Photo courtesy of Katherine Lisk

Cape Jaffa Lightouse Museum, Kingston SE

History of the Lighthouse

The Cape Jaffa Lighthouse was originally built out to sea from Cape Jaffa on the Margaret Brock Reef, opening in 1872. The original historic lighthouse was 41 metres high and known as a Wells Screw Pile - designed to suit the local conditions.

The Margaret Brock

Margaret Brock Shipwreck

The Margaret Brock was a three-masted wooden barque built at Hobart Town in 1848. At 2am on 23rd November, while travelling at a rate of six knots, the vessel struck an uncharted reef near Cape Jaffa.

The lighthouse cottages at Cape Jaffa near Kingston, South Australia

Old Lightkeepers' Cottage site at Cape Jaffa

The original building comprised three cottages under the one roof and a large store room at the end. Today the cottages are simply ruins.