Old Lightkeepers' Cottage Site

at Cape Jaffa

The building comprised three cottages under the one roof and a large store room at the end.

The cottages at each end of the building were of four rooms and the centre cottage was only one room.

The cleared area around the cottages at the time covered about one acre, and, on the rise at the north-western corner, a flagstaff was situated.

Stables occupied the opposite corner of the block and housed two medium draught horses and a dray.

(Taken from “The Cape Jaffa Lighthouse Story” by Verne McLaren, 1977)

Today, the cottages are simply ruins, but a walk/drive (4WD only) to the site affords a great view of the platform and transports the visitor back to the days when lightkeepers and their families supported the  operation of the light station.

Cape Jaffa Lighthouse Cottages
Cape Jaffa Lighthouse Cottages Site
Cape Jaffa Lighthouse Cottages Site
Cape Jaffa Lighthouse Cottage Site