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Lighthouse Art Prize 2022

To recognize the iconic status of the Cape Jaffa Lighthouse Museum in Kingston, and celebrate its 150th anniversary, the inaugural LIGHTHOUSE Art Prize was launched as part of the event, SHINE ON KINGSTON! – January 2022.

Entries used the theme of the “Cape Jaffa Lighthouse”.

A close look at the history of this structure reveals a marvellous story.

The Lighthouse structure is a bold statement of nineteenth century skills and ingenuity, brought to the South Australian south-east coast to provide security, reassurance and hope.
The elements of Victorian-era design and manufacturing provided the foundation for its construction in a wild and inhospitable site, eight kilometres off-shore on a treacherous reef, battered by the power of the Southern Ocean circum-polar current.
Truly inspiring feats of perseverance and fortitude dominated the work of the builders; the admirable commitment of lightkeepers and their wives whose lives were ruled by the necessity of the Light; the crazy, brave idea of relocating the Lighthouse which created an unconventional and unprecedented logistical challenge, and ultimately, created Australian history.

Photos Courtesy of Barbara Moreland

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