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Cape Jaffa Lighthouse

Discover the rich maritime history of South Australia with a guided tour of the Cape Jaffa Lighthouse Museum.

Step back in time and uncover the captivating tales of perseverance and fortitude that shaped the lighthouse's construction, from its pivotal role in guiding ships safely along the treacherous South-East coast to its daring relocation to the mainland. 

Explore the structure that has been standing for over 150 years and climb the 85 steps of the helical staircase to the Lantern Room for breathtaking views of the coast.

"Just the most magical and awe-inspiring tour. We were so grateful for your time and expertise!"

A closer look at an Australian historic icon.

Welcome to the Cape Jaffa Lighthouse Museum, where history comes alive! Nestled on Marine Parade in Kingston SE, this iconic structure showcases the daring feats of nineteenth-century skill and ingenuity, preserved on land for over 47 years by the National Trust of South Australia.  Originally built, 8kms offshore on a treacherous reef in 1872, the structure symbolised security, reassurance and hope for the South Australian South East coast.

Founded on the best principles of British engineering of the Victoran-era, it is a testament to the boldness of its construction in a harsh and unforgiving environment, constantly battered by the power of the Southern Ocean circum-polar current.

As custodians of this maritime marvel, our mission is to engage with visitors of all ages, sharing the rich and fascinating story of the Cape Jaffa Lighthouse and its people. Whether you're a history enthusiast, an adventurous explorer, looking for a fun day out in Kingston SE with the kids, or simply curious about the giant structure sitting on the foreshore, we invite you to embark on a journey of discovery at the Cape Jaffa Lighthouse Museum.  Our guided tours offer something for everyone.

Uncover the Secrets

Our passionate guides share captivating tales of perseverance and fortitude which dominated the work of the builders, as well as the admirable commitment of the lightkeepers and their wives whose lives were ruled by the necessity of the Light.  Learn about the audacious idea of a local to relocate the lighthouse to Kingston SE's foreshore, an unconventional and unprecedented logistical challenge that ultimately created Australian history.


Explore the living quarters of the lightkeepers and their families, study the photographic record of the relocation and climb the 85 steps of the helical staircase to the Lantern Room. Here, you'll experience the incredible First Order Holophotal Dioptric Prismatic lens and enjoy a breathtaking 360-degree view of Kingston SE and Lacepede Bay from the Upper Deck with the original platform visible on the horizon on clear days.

Marvel at a collection of artefacts and relics, including crockery, bottles, and the original bell from the Margaret Brock Shipwreck. Learn about flags used for communication and even decode the secret message for the day. 


Read transcribed entries from the lighthouse keepers' logbook dating back to the early 1900's and experience the rhythm as the weights descend from the clockwork mechanism used to rotate the 2m diameter lens.

Artefacts and Relics of
Margaret Brock Shipwreck

85-Steps of the Helical


Log Book

CJL Logbook page 1906_edited.jpg

A Beacon of Hope: The Cape Jaffa Lighthouse Story

Cape Jaffa Lighthouse is a unique legacy from maritime history, preserved over the last 150 years in almost pristine condition. Beyond its historical significance, the lighthouse's architecture is a testament to the skilled craftsmanship of the time. Learn more about the story behind this important landmark.

Lighthouse Plans

Experience the Adventure

Embark on a guided tour and immerse yourself in the world of the lightkeepers and their families. Climb the 85-step helical staircase to the Lantern Room for unparalleled views of Kingston SE and Lacepede Bay. Feel the thrill of discovery as you explore artefacts, decode the secret message for the day and uncover the hidden treasures of Cape Jaffa Lighthouse.

Check out our next scheduled tour dates. Alternatively phone 0427 854 175 to arrange a suitable time.

Plan Your Visit

Ready to step back in time and explore the rich history of the Cape Jaffa Lighthouse? We’re here to make your visit easy and unforgettable. From planning your trip to key information about the lighthouse itself, we have everything you need to start your journey below.

Katie, Paul and Jasper from The Feel Good Roadtrips visited the Cape Jaffa Lighthouse as they ventured their way along the Southern Ocean Drive.

Getting Here

After a successful relocation, the Cape Jaffa Lighthouse now resides on the foreshore at 32 Marine Parade in Kingston SE, overlooking the Lacepde Bay.  On a calm day you can see the existing platform from the Upper Deck.

Kingston SE is 294km South-East from Adelaide, 540kms North-West from Melbourne, 41kms from Robe, 95kms from Naracoorte, 156kms from Mount Gambier, 114kms from Bordertown.

Walk or Ride

  • 90 meters from the Kingston Foreshore Caravan Park Entrance

  • 1 km from the RV Park Entrance

  • 1.1kms from Roundabout Via Foreshore

  • 810m from the Kingston National Trust Museum via Foreshore > Coulthard Street > Cooke Street


There is ample parking directly in front of the Lighthouse grounds.