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Shine on Sunday

In its quest to raise funds for the conservation of the Cape Jaffa Lighthouse, the Kingston National Trust is presenting an enjoyable Sunday afternoon event focussed on the performing arts.

Local arts director Amanda Stewart drew inspiration from the story of the Lighthouse, and has written a play titled “Crest of the Wave” which will be brought to life by members of the Kingston Community Theatre Group. Plans to present this drama production in January 2022 were thwarted by the Omicron virus, and the group is really looking forward to putting it on stage on December 3rd.

Anna Rasheed and Georgia Turland, as mother and daughter, carry the story, with several community members joining Yr 5-8 students in the premier performance of this play. It should be a wonderful experience not to miss, and will be a special achievement for the Kingston Community Theatre Group to finally be able to present it.

Getting into the ‘nautical’ theme will be the Kingston Community Choir and the Mosquito Plains Strummers, who will entertain the audience with a great selection of sea shanties and other music, presented enthusiastically as usual!

A great Sunday afternoon’s entertainment, topped off with a delicious afternoon tea!

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