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The Lighthouse in the Limelight!

Georgina Turland

The Lighthouse in the Limelight: Sunday 3rd December 2023

It dominates the Kingston township skyline and is a recognised visitor experience, but the Shine On Sunday event took the Lighthouse onto the stage.

Local playwright and drama teacher Amanda Stewart’s play, “Crest of the Wave”, brought the Cape Jaffa Lighthouse story alive with a very effective use of vignettes, juxtaposing the past with the present, drawn from memorable moments in the Lighthouse story.

A cast of twelve members of Kingston SE Community Theatre Group embraced the roles of Lighthouse Keepers, their families and various officials with enthusiasm and splashes of humour.

Rosalee Victory, playing Mrs. Leslie, the tiny wife of a Lighthouse Keeper, was particularly well cast, convincingly mastering the Scottish accent.

The tension between the modern-day mother, (played by Georgia Turland) and her initially bored and disinterested teenage daughter, (played by Anna Rasheed), struck a familiar chord and cleverly held the narrative together.

Verne McLaren’s daughter, Anne Daw, was in the audience to enjoy her late father’s book “The Cape Jaffa Lighthouse Story”, adapted for the stage, and commented, “I was thrilled to see the wonderful production based accurately on my late father’s book. Indeed, he always remained confident that the lighthouse project could be accomplished.”

Travelling from Naracoorte and over the border, the Mosquito Plains Strummers entertained the full hall with a range of songs and their enthusiasm was well-received. The group performed at the Shine On Kingston event in January 2022, and jumped at the chance to come along and support the Cape Jaffa Lighthouse Conservation Appeal. They provided some easy-listening music for a pleasant Sunday afternoon, finishing their performance with a delightful song about the Cape Jaffa Lighthouse written by one of their members, Viv Johns.

“Lighthouse”, a song sung by folk group, The Waifs, featured in the Kingston Community Choir’s program.

The Choir’s strong harmonies and confident singing were appreciated by the audience, and the variety of the repertoire was greeted enthusiastically.

Anita Goode’s solo in “The Wellerman” was a stand-out, and Natalie Ogilvie, as Musical Director, continues to weave her magic as the choir reaches new heights.

Alison Stillwell displayed her virtuosity as an accompanist across the demanding repertoire.

Rounding out the afternoon with a delicious afternoon tea brought the Kingston National Trust’s latest fundraiser to a close.

The Cape Jaffa Lighthouse is in urgent need of refurbishment as its cast iron structure fights the impact of 151 years of exposure to the elements.

The Kingston Branch of the National Trust has held several events in aid of the Cape Jaffa Lighthouse Conservation Appeal.

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